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The following links are provided simply because they cannot be categorized easily and because they are interesting and intriguing.


This has to be without question one of the most amazing sites on the web today and with billions of sites that is a considerable feat. The reason is that Cliff Pickover is one of the most amazing thinkers alive, a Ph.D. from Yale University and is the author of over forty acclaimed books on such topics as computers and creativity, art, mathematics, black holes, human behavior and intelligence, time travel, alien life, and science fiction.



A fascinating and fun ESP experiment for your enjoyment, while not mathematical persay, since it comes from the mind of a mathematician, it was deemed acceptable ;)



While math is often misrepresented as being the vocation of the dry and humorless, taking a gander at this super long list of math jokes reveals our funny side. Jokes for both the serious mathematician and lay practitioner are here for your enjoyment.



A site dedicated to the listing of mathematical mistakes made over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists, and in general many non-math people.



CONTENT: This is a privately run foundation that is dedicated to mathematics. They are probably best known for the Millennium Prize which was created in order to celebrate and advance mathematics in the new millennium. After carefully consulting the global mathematics community the Institute came up with seven of the most important and difficult problems at the forefront of mathematics today and offered a $1 million dollar prize to anyone who can solve any of them. CMI is truly one of the most important organizations dedicated to mathematics today.
USES: Perusing the website you can find information on many of the worlds toughest math problems and the leading researchers that are attempting to crack them. It also is a great place to find information on conferences, workshops and even summer schools all dedicated to the study of mathematics.



CONTENT: This site is for the web based software webMathematica. It offers customers of its software the ability to add interactive calculations and visualizations of mathematics to their websites. The software is very flexible and customizable to ensure that each individual customer’s tailored math needs are possible. It also has a very slick template design and works with java and JavaScript technologies. A great example of the webMathematica interface and power is the Integrator found here:

USES: For anyone who intends to have a web site and would like interactive math functionality, this is truly some of the most cutting edge software available. Having a website that is dynamic and interactive is increasingly important in today’s world and webMathematica is a great option.



CONTENT: This is a historical archive of mathematics that is maintained by researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. It contains detailed biographies of many notable mathematicians, as well as historical information on the development of various mathematical topics. Mathematical information is categorized by civilization and the mathematical biographies are by time period.
USES: For anyone who is interested in biographical detail about a particular mathematician, this is a great site. It is also a good resource for those students doing research into the history of mathematics since it breaks down each civilizations contributions in a clear way.


CONTENT: This link will return any article that mentions the word mathematics from more than 4500 English speaking news sources worldwide within the last 30 days. It can be obtained by going to typing in mathematics and then clicking on the news tab.
USES: Any time you are trying to obtain information about mathematics in the news this is a must use site. Utilizing Google’s algorithms you can be assured that you are getting a really good sense of where mathematics is being mentioned in the media. You can also sort by date or relevancy and of course you can put in additional keywords to narrow you search like “high school curriculum” or what ever keywords pertain to your searching needs.


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