Math: Art & Music

>Perhaps one of the reasons that mathematics has such a visceral hold on the human psyche might have to do with the fact that it is such a fundamental force in the worlds of art and music. Below are some resources to give you further understanding into how math exists in those powerful dimensions.

CONTENT: A site presented through the American Mathematical Society, it is dedicated to the relationship between math and art. It separates the art resources by mathematical concepts, for example fractals and the mathematics of origami. There are several examples for each category with detailed annotations. It also provides links to other more in depth mathematical artwork like M.C. Escher’s official website.
USES: It could be a resource for teachers that are struggling to make math seem interesting to students and want to illustrate (pardon the pun!) the depth of mathematics and how prevalent it really is. It’s also a good site for aspiring artists who are interested in mathematical relationships.



Plus is an internet magazine which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics. This link provides many great articles that discuss the intersection of math and music.



A legend of combining mathematics with artwork, M.C. Escher's work is some of the most prolific and mind boggling. On this fan site have instant access to many of his greatest works in an easy to view layout.



This is a 500+ page book on the connections between music and mathematics. It is in PDF form and has a wealth of information pertaining to this most interesting of topics.



GRIN is a collection of over a thousand images of significant historical interest scanned at high-resolution in several sizes. This collection is intended for the media, publishers, and the general public looking for high-quality photographs.



Eric Johnson Heller is a member of the Physics and Chemistry faculties of Harvard University, where he also received his Ph.D. in 1973. "My digital abstract art is inspired by a world we cannot directly see; the quantum realm of electrons, atoms, and molecules. The strange, often chaotic quantum domain yields forms, which I use as a medium, creating images which convey the mystery of quantum physics."



A great resource for finding some of the best fractal and chaos based artwork on the web.



This page is an archive of some very interesting math related pictures featured on the Mathematics Portal at Wikipedia.



This is an article on the connection between music and mathematics.



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