Our Mission is simple.

In the easiest manner possible we aim to provide best-in-class websites that are mathematical in nature. The idea for lovemathematics.com was born out of being overwhelmed and frustrated by the sheer number of websites that exist regarding math. Rather then spend hours clicking on Google search results (over 8 million results at the time of this writing), lovemathematics.com is intended as a quality control center.

Certainly some math websites may have more resources or links then us, some might have more sophisticated design, and some might even do a particular area of math (like teacher resources) better but it is the goal of lovemathematics.com to be the highest quality resource for the entire world wide web of mathematics.

So whether you are trying to get a cool math t-shirt, learn about the role of mathematics in art or even access a premier Ivy League Institution with free video lectures of many mathematics courses for free to teach yourself, you have come to the right place!

Most of all we hope you ENJOY the site and please leave us some feedback if you have any questions, comments or even complaints!